Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blessing Day

Today was a very special day. David was made an Elder and he was able to give Rosealie and Chloe their names and a blessing. Chloe was done at their house and Rosealie was done at the hospital. It was really nice and so many people came to celebrate with us. Also we got good news, that if Rosealie does good through the night she will be coming home tomorrow, everyones fingers are crossed! Thank you for all your prayers...(2.25.08 ~ Rosealie had another laps so she was unable to come home today. It is frustrating to Brittany and David but they know it is better for her to be in the hospital were they can take care of her in an emergancy.)
(pictured) Mike Hansen, Bro. Good, Matt Dale, Garth Lamoreaux, David Lamoreaux, Chloe Jo ( in David's arms), William Crawford, Mike Crawford, Zane Crawford, Craig Merkley and Brad Shelledy. (George Crawford behind David's head, missed that one...oops!)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Princess Zoe

Zane and Diana entered Zoe in the Cinderella Pageant in Lake Havasu City and she won Cinderella Beauty 2008.