Tuesday, May 17, 2011

16 steps to what I thought was Monday disguised as Tuesday!

Boy talk about a long day and I'm not even started to be done with it. So here goes...

1st: Got up this morning because we have a booking this Thursday.

2nd: Got ready to buy everything needed for Thursday.

3rd: Drove to Resturant Depot (love that place!) got everything we needed from there.

4th: Drove to Costco (love that place too!) and got rest of stuff needed from there.

5th: Took things home that needed to be in frig.

6th: Getting invoice ready to take to place of booking so then can drop it off and go to Frys.

7th: Phone rings it Madisons school nurses office..."sigh!"

8th: Informed that Madison had taken a pretty terrible fall and hit her knee and they may think it is broken...(heart falls) :(

9th: Have Zane finish invoice and I leave for school.

10th: Get Madison into truck(fun times-glad no one had a camera!)

11th: Call Doctor and they can get her right in, so drive to doctors office.

12th: Wait at office FOREVER: Doctors exam,X-Rays, see doctor again...

13th: Knee ISN'T broken (YEAH!)

14th: She has to be off of it for 1 day and on curtches for a week!

15th: Now I have to start cooking, 228 Choclate Chip Cookies, and 114 Brownies for Thursday and then it starts all over again tomorrow cooking other stuff for booking.

I love my non boring life!!! (remind me why I do this...)

OH-16th: I have a doctors appt. tomorrow for an ultra sound on my arm to see why it is still hurting from my angeogram 2 weeks ago...never boring!