Friday, September 9, 2011

Up-Date on Madison was surgery day.
1. Up at 4:30am to be there by 5:30am
2. Got all checked in and went to waiting room
4. Got her back to her room and all the nurses and doctors came in and talked to us.
5. At 7:40am she went back to the OR and they started surgery.
6. We went down and got some breakfast, Bill had biscuts,gravy,sausage. Me yogurt and orange juice.
7. We went back up to waiting room and Bil went to sleep, me listened to my MP3 player and worried.
8. At about 10:00am the doctor came out and said that everything had gotten great, hardly any bleeding, so he wouldn't have black eyes, which Madison is grateful for. He also said that they got everything and she should be able to breath much, much better!
9. About 8 minutes later we were able to go back and see her.
10. She had alittle problems waking up but after she slept off the meds. she was ready to go home.
11. She is doing really well and has been enjoying the watching tv and eating chicken noodle chunky soup her favorite!
Thank you to everyone for the thoughts and prayer on here and also facebook....we expect her to be able to go to school next week sometime.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Prayers and Surgery

This Friday (Sept. 9th)is when Madison surgery is, we haven't really told Madison how extentive the surgery really is because of her worrying already. I won't lie to you and tell you that Wiliam and I aren't worried for her, this little girl (which Madison isn't little) is in for a hard recovery.

Here are the procedures she is having done if you want to go look it up... bilateral maxillary antrostomies with tissue removal, bilateral ethmoids,bilat sphenoids with tissue removal,bilat frontal sinusotomies, nasal polypectomy.

The surgery is going to last about 4 hours if there is no problems they run into...we will let family and close friends know of whats going on and will have an update the night of her surgery on here.

We are asking for your prayers on her behalf, that she may be strong and be able to recover fast. Thank you......