Monday, August 29, 2011

About Time

Sorry it's about time I wrote on the blog...Well there is alot to write about hopefully I remember it all.
Madison turned 11 yesturday and a really good day. Saturday we had her party and shegot to invite her favorite friends! She had some of her favorite foods BBQ pulled pork, chicken, mashed potatoes, corn bread and mixed berry cobbler.
Also a couple of weeks ago I took Madison into get an allergy test done...Not sure if it was good or bad to know what she is allergic too. 77 out of the 80 she is allergic, 33 of those are highly allergic. We had to get rid of our dog because that was one of them, but she went to a good home a family in our ward took her.
Madison will be having surgery on the 9th of Septmeber to have polups removed from her nose. It has turned into quite a surgery so your prayers are appreciated. William and I watched a video and read about it and the details, we had to quit because we were getting sick thinking about what she is going to have to go through. She is also having to have her septum straighten because it is pushed into the right side of her nose. She will have black eyes for awhile after.
William has been busy with work and has now been called to the 2nd Councler in the Elders Quorum, I was released as a Primary worker.
Rosealie started school a week ago and really enjoys going.We have seen the improvements already her talking has gotten alot clearer and we understand her alot better.
Life is busy in the Crawford Corner but we are loving life!