Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wanted to share a Mother's Love...

(Written by my Sister-in-Law LeAnn, Lorin's Mother)

There are definately Angels among us and I have witnessed that all through this day on the one year anniversary of Lorin's passing. How blessed I feel to have not only heavenly Angels that help us but many, many earthly Angels that are walking amongst us each and every day to lift and carry us when the load seems to heavy to bear. Today has been a wonderful day from the moment someone broke into my house at 6:00 am (while I'm saying my morning prayer) only to hear beautiful music being played by an Angel on the baby grand a few seconds later and feeling the presence of Lorin in my home. Craig and I got a 75 min. personal concert and watched the sun come up. Then to walk out my front door to find our yard was covered in red hearts with sweet little thoughts of Lorin written on each one and a note that read "We will always Remember"at my front door. Then my patio covered with 62 bottles of IBC Rootbeer with red and black ribbons tied around each one, knowing that IBC was Lorin's favorite soda and 62 was his football #. And all that happened before 7:30 this morning. As the day went on we had several visits, phone calls, text messages, cards and e-mails letting us know that we were being thought of and that Lorin's memory lives on. Now if that isn't "Angels" amongst us, I don't know what is.This evening we had a little memorial at the cemetery that turned out real nice as we took turns relating special memories that we had of Lorin along with playing some of the music we had recorded from our morning concert. Many more Angels had already been at the cemetery and left sweet notes, gifts and memories. While at the cemetery waiting to start, Landon (our grandson) handed out little bags of blue skittles that he and his little brother, Van had helped their mom put together, knowing that the blue skittles were Lorin's favorite and he had asked for them several times while in the hospital. We ended our evening going to Mattas (Lorin's favorite restaurant) and continued reminising there, having a wonderful time together as a family. Another Angel picked up the tab!I am so grateful to my husband, children, grandchildren, family and friends for making this day such a special and memorable one in honor of such an amazing son. How blessed I am to have been his mother! I miss him terribly but I know that he is exactly where he is suppose to be and serving the Lord just like he wanted.Lorin has had several friends leave on missions this year and 2 of them leaving just today. I have no doubt that he will be there to help guide them many times throughout there 2 years. Lorin is lucky enough to be able to serve many more years and we are seeing and feeling the blessings of that. Until we meet again, I love you sweetheart. Serve well.Your Eternal Mother

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Year Has Passed...June 25, 1990 - November 18, 2008

I really can't believe that it has been a year since Lorin left our lives for a much better place. I sit and think today of all the good times and fun memories. I knew before Lorin was born he was going to make a impact on this world, he was wanting to come here so bad to get ready to teach each us of his Father in Heaven. What a missionary he was and still is, if it was possible to ooze the gospel, Lorin did. Everything this special young man touch had the gospel bound to it some how! He was such a great example to all of us. Madison looked up to him so much and she misses him terribly...I remind her of what great work he is doing for Heavenly Father and that if she lives her life right, she will see him again. "That tomorrow is just another day."

We love and miss you Lorin...."ETTE" Endure To The End.............................

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Forgotten Picture's "2"

Sheridan and Josh (nice face)

Me, Alicia and Jamie

Chris, Jamie and Me

Jamie and Madison playing life...Mary on the phone
(hi Mary!)

Forgotten Pictures...Good Times!

Barron, you should have seen his dance!
Jamie and Alicia counting up the score

Jamie had a HIGH score and was still trying his luck
and not Farkling and he did it, you should have heard us ! I think he got like
68,000 points at the end of the roll....AWESOME!

Chris trying his luck at different styles of throwing.
(Good Times)

Chris finally got a good roll, YAHOO!!!!

I took theses pictures back in June and put them on my computer and then we were off to our family reunion. Well I was scanning thought the pictures and found them, thought I'd share some serious FARKLE playing!