Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sisterly Love

Tonight the twins were wrestling it was really kind of cute, they were laughing so much. Wish I could of video taped it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Happy Birthday Jamie~Love you son....!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Watching The Girls

Today Brittany and David are moving stuff out here to help out with less stuff they have to move tomorrow, so Madison and I are watching Rosealie and Chloe. They are being really funny today! Here are just some of the pictures I took...ENJOY!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I haven't been on here in awhile so this one is on catching up!

For my birthday, we went out to eat with our good friends Barron and Alicia to a little place called Zamora's, they have really good Mexican food there. Afterwards Bill and Madison took me out to get my present...I got a Critcut Expression! I LOVE IT!!! I have already made a scrapbook page with it. I want to go take a class on it so I can learn so much more, can't wait!


So the day after my birthday Summer had invited me to go with a group of ladies that all had birthday with in a couple of week of each other. It was so fun! We went to Oregano's for dinner, we had soooo much food. I think we all left with a to-go box! (Thanks Summer so much fun!)


On the next week my mother, sister in law and I went out for lunch at Serrano's, it was so yummy...I got some really cute lights for my back yard from my mom. She has a set and I have been wanting some for so long, so she got me a set. So if you ever come over ask to see my lights. There is a butterfly, dragonfly and a humming bird. They light up at night, I put them in our strawberry patch. LeAnn (my sister in law) gave me the best smelling (rose)lotions and bath set.


Throughout the day 3 of my children called me and told me "Happy Birthday Mom!" which made my day! I was getting kind of worried that my oldest, Chris hadn't called. I talked to Brittany and mentioned to her that I hadn't heard from Chris. Well Brittany being the little sister, text him and said, Today is mom's birthday. Not to long after that I got a text from Chris and he said that he had been sick and just forgot what the day was...I soon forgave him when he put at the end of his text...Happy "21st" Birthday Mom, Love you!

I immediately text him and back told him it was alright that I understood that he had been sick and that I knew he was my favorite child for some reason!


So this years birthday was really good, thanks to family and friends, Thank you!