Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Sunday was William and I, 30th Anniversary...Friday we went out and had dinner together at Texas Roadhouse our favorite place to eat. Then we went home to have a quiet time together watching a movie in our room because of the crowded house that is the only quiet place left! LOL Well it ended up being a really good movie but by myself. I think 5 minutes if that into the movie William fell asleep, but that is due to him working sooooo many hours at work to provide for our ever growing family in the house. William is a wonderful man and has done so much for not only me over the 30 years but for so many others in and ou of his family. I love him so much for doing that!

Here is my list of the 30 things I love him for, not in any order:(alot more than 30)

1.The way he promised to make me laugh every day for the rest of my life...and he does!

2.For the way he just gentle puts his hand in mine when we sit next to eachother.

3.The "BIG" grin he gives me when I'm trying to be serious.

4. For giving me 5 wonderful children.

5. Being a amazing Husband.

6.For putting up with all my faults.

7.For trying his best when he works on the house.

8. Growing a garden and all the fruit that he does...yummy!

9.For cutting up my steak...I still can't!

10. Him trying to give up Dr. Pepper.(keep going you can do it!)

11.Him taking up 96% of the king size bed...make me feel safe with him sleep right againsted my back.

12.Him embarrasing the kids when he drop them off at high school and yelling "I LOVE YOU, HAVE A NICE DAY!" at the top of his lungs...They will never forget that one!

13. For him loving his grandkids, the only way that he can. (getting better)

14.Him letting me cut my hair short when he loves long hair, which I am growing out for him right now.

15.Going through the Temple with me so that we will be an Eternal Family.

16.Taking care of me when I was down flat on my back. (Litterally)

17. Sitting with me at the hospital with all of my health problems. ( he HATES hospitals)

18.Giving many blessing to not only me but his children and grandchildren.

19.For cooking so well!!!

20.Him calling me once in awhile, while he is at work.

21.For doing things I like to do even if he doesn't want too.

22.For making up random songs about ANYTHING!

23.Putting up with ALL my scrapbooking stuff!

24.His LARGE food storage stuff everywhere!(I mean everywhere!) "aka Zombie survival kit"

25.Him buying Keebler Jumbo Peanut Butter Stick by the DOZEN!

26.Filiberto's Taco Tuesday!

27.Him folding his own laundry, because he doesn't like the way I hang his pants.

28.Him eating my meatloaf for 23 years and not telling me he doesn't like it really.

29.Helping out around the house if I have had a bad day.

30.That in his eye's I am still 17 years old.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Smokin` Hot!

Just wanted to tell my wonderful husband how much I love him and all the hard work he does to help the whole family work way to hard. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!