Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I went up to Idaho to be there for Brittany and Kyle Open House over last weekend..had a wonderful time. The weather was GREAT, it never got passed 70*...I thought of all of you while I was there! I arrived Friday morning and surprised Brittany, she had no clue. It was so hard talking to her for over a week and her crying saying she wanted me there and I had to tell her sorry...I had boughten the tickets 3 weeks before and only a few people knew I was coming. As I waited for her to come out of their kitchen, as soon as she saw me she ran yelling "My Mommy!" grabbed me and didn't let go for awhile crying the whole time, It was amazing! So the rest of the day we got all the things ready for that night and I took Brittany to get her hair done. The Open House was wonderful, it was also nice to see Doug and his family. On Saturday we went to the Idaho Falls Temple and also the Zoo. It was really a nice time. On Sunday we got up and drove to Yellowstone Park, first time I had been that I could remember. We saw animals right on the side of the road and Brittany even got to see her buffelo! It was so pretty...It was a really long day with alot of walking but we did get to sse alot of beautiful things. On the way back we stopped at the Rexburg Temple and was able to see McCall...we visited for awhile with her, she sure is a beautiful lady now. So Monday morning we got up and packed up, Kent (Kyles Dad) took me to the airport and Kyle, Brittany and the girls started their drive back to Arizona...We all had a really good time and wished we could have brought the weather back with us, but it's good to be home.......

D-Backs Birthday Game

                                                 We went to the D-Backs game last night,they lost but I think she had fun!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

# 11

Well Brittany and Kyle are expecting another baby...they were not expecting it to be this soon...they are not sure when yet since they are on vacation so when they get back Brittany will go into the doctor and get all the things going. They say two babies born in the same year are called irish twins, so I guess they will have two sets of twins now. Brittany says if it's a boy their done!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Boy I'm not doing very good at staying up with the blogging...well we were able to go to Safford this last weekend to see Skyler,Ava and Gavin. They sure have grown up! It was so nice to be able to spend a little while with them. Gavin has finally opened up to where he will talk to me, he has always been shy. They all look really good...just the sad part is that I had to leave and we don't get to see them that often.
Jamie is recoverying from his surgery and it will take 6 months for him to get back to almost normal (but when has Jamie been you Jamie). He had major surgery on his hip. Mary and the boys are doing good, the boys started school last week and Audriq started this year as well, they grow to fast!
Zane and Joriann are doing good, they don't live that far away from us but are busy with their lives. Joriann works and Zane is going to Universal Technical Institute (where Bill works) he will gradutae next July.
Brittany ,Kyle and the girls are all doing good, they are up in Idaho right now for the Open House up there. Rosealie, Chloe and Peyton are all growing so fast. It is getting to were Peyton smiles alot now and has found her tongue.
Madison started school a couple of weeks ago, she is in the 7th grade now. I can't believe is will be 12 next week and going into young womens. She was able to go to girls camp this summer and had a blast! She is also growning way to fast, she is taller than Brittany (5`7) and rubbed it in her face, poor Brittany is the shortest in our family now...but she is very proud of her 5`6 1/2 frame.
As for me I am starting to have problems with my neck angain, went in for MRI and awaiting the full results, I am sure surgery is in the near future for me. I have started getting migraine again and feeling the same way before my last neck surgery. But this is what has been put on my life's plate and I can over come and endure...