Thursday, July 21, 2011


Not to many know that I have been having some severe pain in my lower back,hips and legs for about 6 weeks now, to where I can hardly walk. Today I went to my doctor and he is sending me in to get an MRI, my appointment should be sometime next week. After that I will go back and get the readings of what it says. I am hoping for some good news we will see. The pain has felt like the arthrist that is in my knee but 10 times worse, but I'm not a doctor so who knows. I will keep you up to date of whats going on.

Friday, July 15, 2011

George Crawford Family Reunion

Last week we had the Crawford Family Reunion...It was so good seeing everyone! Missed the ones that couldn't make it :( It was held in Prescott at the Bradshaw was nice and cool for most part and rainy. We had alot to eat and good company! Jamie won the Bowling Trophy with the high score of 152, which he is taking back to Afghanistan. Bob and Harley won the redneck golf title belts. Here are some of the pictures from the reunion, more to come as they get sent to me.